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 I went to see VAMP at the CUB Malthouse

I didn’t know what to expect

The seating had been re-arranged into an amphitheatre style

The lights went down, the room filled with clouds of smoke

And then Meow Meow emerged, like a vampirical disco-ball

It was a rollercoaster of burlesque cabaret, seven songs, and seven costume changes

It was just fantastic

Think Cabaret meets Rocky Horror

Liza Minnelli meets Tim Curry

It’s a one woman show, backed by a 7-piece orchestra

She’s got a great voice, an amazing figure, innovative costuming and stunning make-up

I was mesmerized

There was an amazing array of special wind effects, lighting effects and all other sorts of exciting visuals.

Meow Meow threw her heart and soul into the show, which ends with a surprisingly moving rendition of Radiohead’s song Plastic Trees.

It was the best show I’ve seen since Circus Oz’s BLUE show – a burlesque circus for adults in the Speigltent two years ago.


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Now I know what people mean when they say something is ‘so very close to home’

Hold the pickle is a one woman show performed by Rachel Berger

It is the story of her parents surving the Holocaust and how she grew up on Acland Street in the 50’s and 60’s.

It is so similar to the story’s my mother told me about her childhood

Rachel talks about growing up in a Deli between Monarch Cake Shop and Sheherazade

My grandmother Rosa ran Monarch Cake Shop at the time!

Rachel’s show is very moving, telling the story of how her parents lived in a cellar to survive during the War.

They moved to Australia when Rachel was about 4 years old, the same age my mother was when they moved here from London.

Rachel’s own story is about being the child of immigrants, growing up on Acland Street .

It is simply, pitch perfect.

I had tears running down my face both in sorrow of her parents hardship and the hilarity of her comedic presentation.

It’s a brilliant show and I urge everyone to see her perform

Even if it simply makes you understand me and where I come from.

Please see the show and support Rachel who puts her heart and soul into the performance.

It was a really special night for me, it touched me deeply.


Hold The Pickle

4 Nights Only

Chapel Off Chapel

16th – 19th October


InHold The Pickle Rachel opens the door of her parents’ delicatessen and delivers stories of heartbreak, loss and longing, fear and belonging. Oh, and schnitzels. Experience the shrieking, the embraces, the flagellation and overflowing anxiety of her parent’s journey from war torn Europe to 1960s Melbourne, Hills hoists and vegemite.

This is a complete departure from all her previous work.Berger plays out the spirit and energy of her immigrant childhood. She invites the audience into a world populated by eccentric, heartbroken, adorable and sometimes embittered characters who can live again through the story telling of a child coming to terms with a new physical and emotional geography. Performing all the characters Rachel exposes the limitations and ambiguities of the world in a way Rachel Berger, stand up comedian, can not.


Another interesting article on Acland Street and it’s Jewish heritage


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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (MTC)

Last night I went to see MTC’s production of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Three hours of my life I won’t be getting back

Unfortunately, the so-called-actor’s would be better titled as ‘shouters’

There was no acting, just people shouting at each other

The first 45 minutes consisted of Essie Davis’s Maggie shouting incessantly at her husband Brick

The only highlight of the show was Martin Henderson’s Brick

He was the only actor who didn’t shout and actually emoted

The best thing about the play was the first 45minutes in which Martin Henderson wandered around the stage in nothing but a plaster cast and a towel

What a body!

Nice work Martin Henderson – Nice to look at and a decent actor too!

Big Mamma was so irritating I had to stop myself from jumping up on stage and shaking her

And Big Daddy’s accent was so abysmal he may as well have been running an outback sheep station rather than a plantation in the Deep South

Essie definitely looked the part and her costumes were perfect, it’s a shame she couldn’t act the part as well

All in all, it was a very long, frustrating and disappointing performance

It was hilarious to see Henderson‘s reaction during curtain call, the luke warm applause burst into hot blooded female cheers, before descending back into the luke warm reception when Essie took the stake for her final bow.

It was a long and tedious play, poorly acted but pleasantly Henderson‘d

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Sunday 6th April – HiFi Bar

The place was packed
The vibe was up
It was very very warm
The cast were all in blacks
Eddie who had a few bits of costume thrown together

The first half was fantastic
The songs are so clever
Very witty and chatchy
And the compositions are jazzy
The band was very tight and the music itself was great
The supporting cast all have great voices and great charcter acting
With a minimal space and no set
They did a great job of setting the scene and engaging the audience
The Simone character couldn’t act and couldn’t sing
She really let the whole ensemble down
Not only that, but there was a girl in the chorus who looked more like simone, and had a stronger voice
The Male ensemble I couldn’t fault
An honorable mention to the girl who plays his mum – killer voice!

The second half was very, well, dissapointing
The song’s weren’t as imaginative
And the show ended on a very mediocre note
The venue itself was not ideal
There was no airflow and it was about 40degrees inside

The music was so loud that it took about 15 minutes for our ears to adjust so that we could actually distinguish the words the characters were singing/saying
I would really want to see the show when it’s finely polished, costumes with a full set.
It was a very clever show with a lot of potential.
My main concern is its problematic marketability
It’s audience is – cricket fans from Shane’s era and women who read trash mags like woman’s day and new idea
Other than the cricketing community, it doesn’t really have an international audience
I would happily buy the soundtrack
I’m kicking myself for passing up on Keating.

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