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Tell Me On A Sunday

I went to the opening night of Tell Me On A Sunday at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

I didn’t know what to expect, all I knew was that it was being marketed as a sex in the city musical with the score by Andrew Lloyd Webber

It turns out to be the story of a single girl who moves from Sydney to New York to find herself

It’s a one woman show

Which would be fine if she wasn’t conversing with character’s who you can’t see!

It just made her look like a schizophrenic singing to herself and having conversations with people who don’t exist

The song about speed dating made me want to plug my ears with the free Guillain chocolates we were handed at the door

I felt bad for Jolene Anderson, she’d just been in a car accident and lost a co-star

I don’t want to be harsh, but the simple fact is, she didn’t have the presence to carry off the show

It was a large theatre and a large concept

It just didn’t work

She didn’t have the experience to project her voice with enough guts and quality as the production required

A good concept that just didn’t work in the real world, I think I would have enjoyed it more if the other characters had existed!


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Altar Boyz

Well, this is too little too late

I am sad to preface this post with the announcement that the tour of this show was cancelled today.

I absolutely adored this production.

I was so much fun, so politically incorrect, and right up my alley.

The energy was great, the lyrics were clever, and they boys were very nice to look at.

Songs like “Jesus called me on my iPhone” and “Girl, you make me wanna wait”

I saw the show four times, admittedly on comps.

But I had 30 tickets on hold to take a bunch of like minded people for my birthday before the September dates were cancelled.

I was dancing in my seat, and hurting myself laughing.

It’s just bad timing for the show, up against Wicked right across the road

The marketing campaign was poor and the tv advertising made the show look crummy.

It never had a chance.

Even the group booker’s launch I went to was mostly older people from senior and church groups

Definately not the target market.

It really is such a shame

I hope it comes back with a vengence.


The show has five cast members – Mark, Paul, Luke, Juan and Abraham (he’s Jewish)

It centers around their final show of the “Save the Soul” tour

Admittedly the premise is lame, but the songs are great, the boys were cute and they had every possible cliche boyband dance move!

It was just so much fun

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Priscilla – The Musical

19th June 2007



My official review of Priscilla: The Musical

I have been a fan of the film Priscilla: Queen of the Desert since it was released.
It is a movie that not only contains witty dialogue, but celebrates the world of drag.
When I heard they were turning the film into a musical, I thought it was a perfect idea because of the theatricality of the world it represents.
And I was not disappointed.

The stage was ablaze with the color exploding from the sets and the costumes.
It would be a wonderful experience to walk back stage and see the hundreds of costumes and wigs on display.
The film was constrained by such a tight budget, and the freedom given to the musical sets and costumes truly did the story justice.
There was not a single weak performance, with a very well cast company.
The audience was completely committed to the experience – singing along with the pop hits and dancing in their seats.
The energy of the performers flooded the theatre
And it was great to celebrate the story in the city that made it all possible.

One of the most important things was that the musical didn’t gloss over the emotional moments of the story and the darker elements of the plot.
These moments were handled with dignity and were not overplayed.
It was these bittersweet moments that made the production more than a frivolous musical and made it a true work of art.

Priscilla is a wonderful experience that fills your evening with color and culture.
The Lyric theatre is a fantastic venue with its clean lines, excellent acoustics and generous seating.
It was a riotous night out and I loved every second.

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Sunday 6th April – HiFi Bar

The place was packed
The vibe was up
It was very very warm
The cast were all in blacks
Eddie who had a few bits of costume thrown together

The first half was fantastic
The songs are so clever
Very witty and chatchy
And the compositions are jazzy
The band was very tight and the music itself was great
The supporting cast all have great voices and great charcter acting
With a minimal space and no set
They did a great job of setting the scene and engaging the audience
The Simone character couldn’t act and couldn’t sing
She really let the whole ensemble down
Not only that, but there was a girl in the chorus who looked more like simone, and had a stronger voice
The Male ensemble I couldn’t fault
An honorable mention to the girl who plays his mum – killer voice!

The second half was very, well, dissapointing
The song’s weren’t as imaginative
And the show ended on a very mediocre note
The venue itself was not ideal
There was no airflow and it was about 40degrees inside

The music was so loud that it took about 15 minutes for our ears to adjust so that we could actually distinguish the words the characters were singing/saying
I would really want to see the show when it’s finely polished, costumes with a full set.
It was a very clever show with a lot of potential.
My main concern is its problematic marketability
It’s audience is – cricket fans from Shane’s era and women who read trash mags like woman’s day and new idea
Other than the cricketing community, it doesn’t really have an international audience
I would happily buy the soundtrack
I’m kicking myself for passing up on Keating.

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