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Snatch – DVD

Guy Ritchie is such a great director

The editing in his films are quick, clever and innovative

The music is always great, and thank goodness he never used anything by Madonna!

The film opens with a bunch of Hassidic Jews in Antwerp going to buy Diamonds

The camera tracks them accross the security system, and it only gets better from there

This is the film that proved to me that Brad Pitt is not just a pretty face

He plays Mickey, the one punch Pikie (sorry if this is bad spelling)

He’s just dynamic and brilliant and indecipherable

It’s just such a great film, it’s fast paced, action packed and just bloody funny


* * * * * (5 Stars)


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I haven’t laughed this much at an Adam Sandler movie in such a long time

I don’t know if you have to be Jewish/Israeli to get all the jokes in this movie –

But I saw it in the cinemas with my Korean housemate, and she seems to be laughing just as much as I was

Last night I watched it with my new housemate and my brother

Yes, it’s stilly

Yes, it has some stupid toilet humour

But it’s basically a story about an Israeli ex-army assassin who wants to live in America and cut hair

It’s just good fun

Much better than the Hebrew Hammer which was simply cringe-worthy


* * * (3 Stars)

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Drillbit Taylor

I finally hired Drillbit Taylor on DVD last night

I totally missed it when it was on in the cinemas

One of the three writers was of course Seth Rogen

His contributions to the script were very obvious in the dialogue

I have to say, the film was a lot more effective and entertaining than Superbad

The kids were more likeable, the script was wittier and less gross out humour

Jen and I were chortling on the couch for a good hour and a half

It was really good fun

* * * 1/2 (3 and a half Stars)

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