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Melbourne Groove Finals

Melbourne Groove Hip Hop Dance Crew Finals 2008

Well, I know I’m completely biased when it comes to these events

DVP! Go Miche

The freaking won!

They’re off to Sydney to represent in the Groove Australasian Hip Hop Championship

I’m so proud of my cousin Miche, DVP danced the arses off and won fair and square


But all that aside

This event was so badly organized

There were about 20 crews competing, junior/varsity/open crews

They had them all mixed in together

Surely it would be better to have the junior’s perform first?

The kids are aged 7 to about 12

They would have had to arrive for hair and make up in the early afternoon

and the show didn’t finish until 10:30pm!

The music was so loud, the bass was actually hurting my chest

It also made my jeans vibrate, that’s how loud it was

The other problem was the MC’s

They performed crappy rap songs and driveled on IN BETWEEN EVERY SINGLE ACT

The show would have finished at 9pm if it wasn’t for them

I’m there to see the dance!

Not listen to these lamo’s.


The dancing was excellent

It just got better and better thoughout the night

It was interesting that only one crew had a guy doing tricks.

Apparently tricks are more of a Sydney thing.

I hope DVP rock out in Sydney in December!


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