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I haven’t laughed this much at an Adam Sandler movie in such a long time

I don’t know if you have to be Jewish/Israeli to get all the jokes in this movie –

But I saw it in the cinemas with my Korean housemate, and she seems to be laughing just as much as I was

Last night I watched it with my new housemate and my brother

Yes, it’s stilly

Yes, it has some stupid toilet humour

But it’s basically a story about an Israeli ex-army assassin who wants to live in America and cut hair

It’s just good fun

Much better than the Hebrew Hammer which was simply cringe-worthy


* * * (3 Stars)


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Tropic Thunder

Finally, a film that lived up to my expectations

It was everything I wanted the film to be

Clever script, witty dialogue and awesome cameos

Ben Stiller wasn’t too stupid (though I could have done without the Simple Jack storyline)

And Jay Baruchel had a great role, what a great opportunity

He was so cute in Undeclared and had a little role in Knocked Up

But he’s really grown up and come in to his own, as they say.

Not a bad looking fellow these days 🙂 He’s certainly grown out of his geeky phase

Tom Cruise was absolutely hilarious as the bastard Jewish film exec

Steve Coogan, left me speechless (I’m not going to spoil that one for you)

The best part is the false trailers at the start of the film which introduce each of the actors

I would happily have paid to see Satan’s Alley with Robert Downey Jr. (3 time Oscar winner) and Tobey Maguire (MTV best kiss winner)

Robert Downey Jr. completely steals the film with his Australian ‘Russell Crow-esque’ character who undergoes cosmetic surgery for his film role to become and African American


* * * * (4 Stars)

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Drillbit Taylor

I finally hired Drillbit Taylor on DVD last night

I totally missed it when it was on in the cinemas

One of the three writers was of course Seth Rogen

His contributions to the script were very obvious in the dialogue

I have to say, the film was a lot more effective and entertaining than Superbad

The kids were more likeable, the script was wittier and less gross out humour

Jen and I were chortling on the couch for a good hour and a half

It was really good fun

* * * 1/2 (3 and a half Stars)

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Sunday 6th April – HiFi Bar

The place was packed
The vibe was up
It was very very warm
The cast were all in blacks
Eddie who had a few bits of costume thrown together

The first half was fantastic
The songs are so clever
Very witty and chatchy
And the compositions are jazzy
The band was very tight and the music itself was great
The supporting cast all have great voices and great charcter acting
With a minimal space and no set
They did a great job of setting the scene and engaging the audience
The Simone character couldn’t act and couldn’t sing
She really let the whole ensemble down
Not only that, but there was a girl in the chorus who looked more like simone, and had a stronger voice
The Male ensemble I couldn’t fault
An honorable mention to the girl who plays his mum – killer voice!

The second half was very, well, dissapointing
The song’s weren’t as imaginative
And the show ended on a very mediocre note
The venue itself was not ideal
There was no airflow and it was about 40degrees inside

The music was so loud that it took about 15 minutes for our ears to adjust so that we could actually distinguish the words the characters were singing/saying
I would really want to see the show when it’s finely polished, costumes with a full set.
It was a very clever show with a lot of potential.
My main concern is its problematic marketability
It’s audience is – cricket fans from Shane’s era and women who read trash mags like woman’s day and new idea
Other than the cricketing community, it doesn’t really have an international audience
I would happily buy the soundtrack
I’m kicking myself for passing up on Keating.

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