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La Clique

16th October 2006


I went to see La Clique Burlesque Circus on Friday night
It was mind blowingly good
I cannot reccomend it highly enough!
It ain’t cheap – but it’s worth every penny
I don’t want to say too much about it, so it’s not ruined when you see it
But it’s wonderful
And raunchy
And if you took your partner, you wouldn’t make it back to the car!
You’d just find the nearest sheltered area and go for it
Don’t make my mistake and go with your family


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Circus Oz

7 July – Birrarung Marr

Off to Circus Oz with my family.  It was my 20th, having gone every year since I was 5.  Normally we go on a Saturday evening, but we’d left it too late to book and could only get seats on the Sunday arvo.  The place was filled with kids.  It was hilarious, they kept yelling out.

“Do you think he know’s he’s upside-down”

“Mummy, that’s dangerous – I don’t think he should be doing that”

and when there was an acrobat couple –

“Do you think they’re married?”

He he he.  It was really good fun.  And what fabulous bodies!  There was one guy who had a back that made me melt in my chair!  Phwoar!

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