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25 July – State Theatre, Arts Center


I went to see Matthew Bourne’s ballet of Edward Scissorhands at the Arts Center State Theatre

But the five girls in front of us spent the whole show texting!

I couldn’t believe it.

It’s annoying a disrespectful when people do it in the cinema.

But I’ve never seen anything like it at the theatre.

It really spoiled the evening for me.

I asked one girl if she could please turn it off

She apologized, but started again 5 minutes later.

Just because you’re not talking during the show, doesn’t mean that the bright blue light isn’t distracting

IT IS!!!

Then there were two fat middle aged Hungarian/Polish/Greek or something “ladies” sitting behind us who talked through the whole thing.

Not whispering, which would be bad enough, but talking

It was infuriating

What is wrong with society!

When I went to see Pink’s concert last year, there were so many people recording the concert on their phones.

You just paid $80, why don’t you watch the fucking show going on in front of you?!

I’m going to see Mumma Mia with my Mumma Mia tonight

If someone turns their phone on during the film, blood is going to spill!


As for the production of Edward Scissorhands, for what it was, I thought it was very good.

If it hadn’t been an adaptation of the film and just a regular story I think I would have been a little disappointed.

I thought the man who played Edward really had it down-pat, as they say

He had all the mannerisms of Johnny’s character

I thought some scenes dragged a little

But the dance with the topiary’s and the final scene in the cemetery were beautiful and moving

You can check it out at http://www.edwardscissorhands.com.au/videoandgallery.html

It was wonderful that they used Danny Elfman’s original score and to be enveloped in the sound in the plush theatre.

Please take a stand, and stop the texting in the theatres and cinemas.


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