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A super easy dessert that has the ‘WOW FACTOR’ for summer celebrations.

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You will need

Fresh raspberries and pineapple

2 different tubs of sorbet (soften for 30 minutes, not liquid!)

1 bag of meringue nests/pre-made meringues


Line a large bowl with gladwrap (I didn’t make sure it was smooth and my dessert came out wrinkly!)

Layer scoops of softened sorbet, then scatter raspberries and pineapple, then crumble a layer of meringue. Continue doing this until the bowl is full. Add a layer of Gladwrap to the top of the bowl, and gently press to squash any air pockets.

Freeze for at least 24 hours, or about 3 weeks.

To serve, take off the layer of Gladwrap, turn the bowl on to your serving dish. Remove the outer layer of Gladwrap that remains. Decorate the top with fresh mint and fresh berries.  The full effect will appear when you cut wedges of the pudding to reveal all the colours inside!

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