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You will need
Lamb shoulder or butterflied leg of lamb
2 heads of garlic
Loads of fresh rosemary
1/2 cup of water
New potatoes
Harissa spice paste
Thick Greek yogurt
1 clove of freshly minced garlic
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp pomegranate molasses
Salt and pepper
Freshly chopped parsley.
Baby rocket leaves
Cucumber – seeds removed

The night before –
Generously lather the lamb with Harissa paste.
Store in fridge

Takes at least 4 hours in the oven

Preheat oven as high as it will go

Prepare the oven dish
Line with foil then baking paper
Lay a thick bed of fresh rosemary at the bottom of the dish.
Scatter whole cloves from an entire bulb of garlic
Lay the lamb on top – it should still be thickly covered with the Harissa paste
Scatter the potatoes around the meat
Cover meat with another layer of fresh rosemary and another layer of cloves of garlic from a whole bulb
Pour in the water
Tightly seal around the entire tray with foil so that no liquid or steam can escape
Put in the oven – leave at hottest temperature for 20 minutes
Then turn the oven down to 160degrees Celsius and cook for 4-5 hours

In the meantime prepare a salad of fresh rocket and deseeded cucumber.
Mix Greek yogurt, 1 minced clove of garlic, salt, pepper, 1 tablespoon olive oil l, drizzle with pomegranate molasses.

After you remove the lamb from the oven. Don’t touch it! Don’t remove the foil! Let it all rest for 20 minutes.
Remove foil, put the potatoes in a serving dish with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
Place lamb on a serving plate, shred with 2 forks.

Serve – in a tortilla, or a fresh breadroll, with the leaves and a good dollop of yogurt dressing.

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I was hit with a wave of nostalgia for my grandma Rosa’s cooking after eating Danielle Goldman’s apple cake and she was kind enough to share the recipe with me.

Polish Apple Cake

4 eggs

2 1/2 cups of sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup ricebran oil (keeps it so moist!)

3/4 cup of orange juice

3 cups of SIFTED self raising flour


In a bowl, prepare

5 granny smith apples – peeled, cored, and sliced (or if you’re in a rush – 800g tin of pie apples)

2 tbsp of brown sugar

1 tsp of cinnamon


Preheat over – 180 degrees Celsius


Using an electric beater – mix the eggs and sugar.

Gradually add the oil, orange juice, and flour.

Grease a cake tin and line with baking paper.

Pour in HALF the batter.

Scatter the apples.

Pour in the remaining batter.

Sprinkle additional brown sugar and cinnamon.

Bake for 90 minutes (you may need to cover with foil after 1 hour to prevent the top from burning)

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